Jaffa Sandalwood Nut Fudge



  • 440g of Dark chocolate (chopped)
  • 395g Condensed milk
  • 3/4 of a cup (approx 90g) of Roasted WA Sandalwood Nuts (roughly chopped)
  • Zest of medium sized orange (finely grated) 


  1. Line a 20cm square cake tin with baking paper
  2. Place chocolate & condensed milk in a medium pan over low heat, stir until smooth, remove pan from heat.
  3. Stir zest into mixture
  4. Fold in Roasted WA Sandalwood Nuts
  5. Pour mixture into cake tin and allow to cool a little
  6. Refrigerate for approx 2 hours or until firm
  7. Turn out onto a chopping board, remove baking paper & using large knife, cut into bite sized serving pieces
  8. Enjoy!
  9. Storage recommendation – store in air tight container in refrigerator

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